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Yoga Classes For Beginners & Students Looking For The Full Yoga Experience

A unique virtual yoga studio designed for yoga students of all levels. Small class sizes with personal touches to keep your body safe while you achieve your goals.

There’s plenty of inexpensive, free, and “gym” yoga out there… you know what I am talking about it’s yoga that’s either free or less than $20 per month.

This style of yoga has value, don’t get me wrong… but it’s leaving out 90% of what yoga can do for us.

It’s great for people:

  • Who have no injuries or limitations in their bodies
  • Who have lots of yoga experience
  • Who only want a “workout” and nothing else
  • Who aren’t looking for the complete yoga and meditation experience

If you are a beginner yoga student or are ready for a more authentic yoga experience, you either have to find an authentic yoga studio with small class sizes, hire a private teacher, or take a teacher training.

Or… take yoga with us.

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