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Live Virtual Yoga Classes For Beginners & Students Looking For The Full Yoga Experience

There’s plenty of inexpensive, free, and “gym” yoga out there… you know what I am talking about it’s yoga that’s either free or less than $20 per month.

This style of yoga has value, don’t get me wrong… but it’s leaving out 90% of what yoga can do for us.

It’s great for people:

  • Who have no injuries or limitations in their bodies
  • Who have lots of yoga experience
  • Who only want a “workout” and nothing else
  • Who aren’t looking for the complete yoga and meditation experience

If you are a beginner yoga student or are ready for a more authentic yoga experience, you either have to find an authentic yoga studio with small class sizes, hire a private teacher, or take a teacher training.

Or… take yoga with us.

It’s virtual… 

It’s small class sizes… 

It’s personal (your teacher actually knows you not just a shoutout)…

And it allows you to take advantage of all aspects of yoga for your ideal body.

Don’t take my word for it… try out a class for yourself. This one is on me.

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