The Om Institute

Find a Life Of Ease

The Om Institute teaches women how to live a life of ease whether it’s in their body or their business. Align, Connect, and Receive for a hustle-free truly intuitive way of living.

Yoga Teachers

Try out the first module of the Align program and learn what your minimal business needs are to be profitable and impactful, why traditional marketing advice is not helpful, the 3 stages of business, the only two things you need to make money right now, and how to design your business to align with your personal needs.

Dieting Survivors

Tired of Trying to Figure Out What To Eat For Optimum Health? And ready for a meal plan with delicious food that banishes binge eating & brings you closer to your ideal body? This is a meal plan like you’ve never seen before… Created by a food psychology expert and private chef for a 5-day eating experience that nourishes your body and your relationship with food