Tired of Trying to Figure Out What To Eat For Optimum Health?

And ready for a meal plan with delicious food that banishes binge eating & brings you closer to your ideal body?

This Is For:

This is a meal plan like you’ve never seen before...

Created by a food psychology expert and private chef for a 5-day eating experience that nourishes your body and your relationship with food

WARNING: The Following is Required For Your Success

Willing to live a free-spirited life where you follow your intuition and break traditional rules

The desire to be a free thinker instead of unconsciously agreeing to what is fed to us by a billion-dollar marketing and sales machine without our best interest in mind

A commitment to living your most fulfilling and authentic life without limitations

How is this different?

Our Unique Meal Plan Changes Habits Long-Term With 90% Less Effort

You get the recipes, prep, and grocery list for 5 days of incredible food AND you get the training to rewire the brain so you don’t overeat, binge eat, crave junk food, or snack. 

In other words you get to eat amazing food and lighten up in the process 

Here's Why Our Plan Is So Effective

Chef Casi

Our Unique Process Banishes Overeating & Binge Eating

If we were just feeding our bodies we would simply notice fullness and stop eating. But often times we are urged to keep eating even when we are physically full. This occurs because we are not allowing the head phase of digestion to happen. Our body is urging us to stop but we feel “addicted, weak, out of control” because we just can’t seem to stop. We can only ignore the head phase of digestion at the beginning of a diet when our motivation is at its peak. But as soon as that inevitably wears off we are left feeling driven to keep eating.

When we fulfill the head phase of digestion the mind stops obsessively asking for food

Never Worry About What To Eat

Fulfilling the head phase of digestion is simple…but not necessarily easy. So let us make it easy. Chef Casi has put together a menu that tells you exactly what to eat (and it’s delicious food that your whole family will love, not diet food). This menu is strategically satisfying so your head phase of digestion is fed and calm. Works great for people using Intermittent Fasting too! Feel free to swap a recipe for your favorite dish because it’s all about enjoying food more than you ever have before.

Our Unique Process Restructures Your "Weight Loss Department"

During a typical weight loss program, our body shifts into survival mode which is fight-or-flight. It creates an environment inside of the body that thrives temporarily (so you don’t die) and it putters out fast. It gives you great results at first and then it’s drained. Worse off, after it’s drained the recovery process usually has the opposite effect that you desire on the body. We are supposed to call on fight-or-flight in true survival situations and then switch back to rest-and-digest

We need to create a calm, relaxing environment inside of your “weight loss department”

Turn On Fat Burning

We help your body switch to rest-and-digest through a few short video trainings that ease your “diet brain”, a short meditation to reset the body, and through a few yoga classes. We give you everything you need to succeed, all you have to do is follow it.

Our Unique Process Reduces Stress Through Food & Movement

Exercise has a dirty little secret… it’s only stress-relieving for a very small percentage of people. For the majority of dieters, it actually increases cortisol and causes the body to feel more stressed. This is why some people can exercise consistently and not lose weight. Mindful movement (like yoga) switches the body into rest-and-digest while still challenging our body physically. It calms the brain while it challenges our muscles.

Your movement needs to encourage connection & rejuvenation

Connect To Your Body

Our incredible yoga teachers have created classes just for you to help balance the body, relieve stress, increase strength and flexibility while calming down the nervous system that is typically in fight-or-flight. They are on-demand and ready for you to take whenever it’s convenient for you.

Our Unique Process Lets You Live Your Best Life Now

It’s imperative that our weight loss efforts help us move closer to the life we actually want to live, not sacrifice it temporarily to lose weight. We convince ourselves that if we had a lighter body we would automatically have our ideal life, or at least make it easier. So we do whatever it takes to achieve that because it’s the thing in the way of all that we want. And the things we do to get it are the antithesis of what we picture for our ideal life. If we don’t learn how to achieve what we want we will get trapped in a cycle moving farther and farther away from our ideal life.

Your weight loss plan is your dream life

Live Your Dream Life Now

We give you the training, evidence, and simple to follow eating logs to help you enjoy food without overeating, bring the joy back to your body and movement, and live the life you have saved for “when you are at your goal weight”. 

You’ve been lied to…

The weight loss industry has convinced us that the reason we are struggling with weight and food is because something is wrong with us and our bodies. They tell us we are addicted to food, our willpower and discipline are low, we aren’t dedicated enough, or don’t want it bad enough. The truth is, you have an efficient and able weight loss department inside of your body. The problem is we aren’t allowing it to do its job. We create a stressful environment full of control, manipulation, micromanaging, and force. 

The 4 Reasons We Battle Weight & Food Chronically

Survival “fight-or-flight” mode can only ever give us temporary results. We can ask our body to adapt to living this way, and get results, but not without major sacrifice. We must learn how to thrive in life by enjoying delicious food AND not feeling driven to over consume it. 

When we feel desperate to get the weight off we are willing to look beyond what is realistic or sustainable. We just want the weight to go away and we don’t care how. This will have long-term side effects. Instead, we have to allow the process to unfold only in a way that we actually want to sustain. 

We should never have to force a “lifestyle change”. It either resonates with us, or it doesn’t. Our body gives us feedback regarding what it likes and doesn’t like, all we have to do is listen.

The “symptom” of excess weight is here to teach us something. If we hyper focus on making it go away by any means necessary our body will never truly transform for good. If we continue to approach weight & food the traditional way it will always feel hard because it’s efforted by you instead of your body. It will always feel like a struggle because you are trying to convince yourself and your body that this is the right thing when your body knows best.

We need to restructure our bodies to operate from rest-and-digest not fight-or-flight.

From this place our interactions with food, exercise, and weight are completely effortless.

It requires very little of your energy and attention. Which is why it feels so hard right now. Because you’re not supposed to be doing it. So your body is screaming at you to stop.

To trust and allow.

To stop controlling everything.

To still show up and be honest and accountable with yourself but from a grounded and compassionate place.

You May Be Thinking This is Too Good To BeTrue...

That you have to restrict and deprive to achieve your ideal body… I did too! So let me eliminate your doubts right now.

I Am A Dieting Survivor

In 2006 I decided to get my ideal body. I worked as hard as you possibly can to be healthy and fit. I took every piece of advice to an extreme and everyone around me praised me for my dedication, discipline, and work ethic. What they didn’t know was that I was suffering inside. And… I was rapidly gaining weight. I just hid it really well. I was binge eating every day, I was obsessed with calorie counting, I was an exercise bulimic… I was completely miserable. But I was working hard and that kept me in the game. And when things weren’t working, I would just double down on the work.

I finally realized that the formula I was using for success was not for thriving… It was for surviving.

It’s Exhausting. And It’s Hard.

It became clear that the way we are taught to approach weight and food are from this “survival” energy and will never set us up to thrive. So I changed the script. I started thriving and I achieved my ideal body and have maintained it for over 10 years. I’ve gone on to various news segments, written books, taught on stages to share this unique approach to weight and food.

It Turns Out... It Doesn't Have To Be So Hard

I Invite You To a 5-Day Transformative Program

Use the provided grocery & prep list to begin your 5-day eating adventure. The first video training you will watch will show you how to feed the head phase of digestion so you don’t overeat or binge eat this incredible food and be satisfied with just the right amount for your body.

You will also receive your eating prompts that you will use when you eat to ensure you are present enough for the mind to be satisfied and allows you to confidently enjoy your food guilt-free (without gaining weight).

In addition to continuing to enjoy delicious food all day long (without even wanting or needing snacks) you will learn the proven method to create an optimal fat burning environment through day 2 video training. You will also receive a guided mediation to reset the subconscious mind and relax the body for optimal fat burning. This sets the foundation for the next 3 days.

When I lost my first 10 pounds it was after a car accident that left me stuck on the couch unable to move. In other words, my body was forced to relax and immediately shifted into an ideal fat burning state. Not every body does this automatically when resting so we need to create this environment inside of your body. We will create this state in your body through a professional on-demand yoga class for relaxation and restoration that you can take right from your home. This class will switch your body into rest-and-digest.

You can continue on with the relaxing yoga class from day 3 or choose to take a more challenging flow class. Unlike traditional strength classes that focus on disconnecting from the body to push your limits learn how to connect deeper to your body and take a break from incessant mind chatter.

It’s time to ask your body what it wants as we wrap up the 5-day program. Does it want a relaxing class or a strengthening class. Yin or Yang? We are taught to live in extremes and it’s time to invite balance into your life by tuning in to what your body needs. Giving our bodies what they need allows for consistent fat burning.

Get Started in The 5-Day Program

Never Worry About What to Eat For Your Ideal Body

This 5-day program tells you what to eat, how to move, and gives you 5 short video trainings to help embody the process for maximum results. Here’s Exactly What You Get:

5-Day Menu Plan

You will receive the grocery & prep list, 5 dinner recipes, 2 lunch recipes (to couple with your dinner leftovers), 2 breakfast recipes, and 1 dessert to enjoy all week long. You can use as many or as little of these as you'd like as the point here is to enjoy delicious and satisfying food.

5 Mindful Eating Logs

You will receive 5 mindful eating logs to use when you eat to ensure you satisfy the head phase of digestion. This allows your meals to be satisfying and present so you don't overeat. Simply answer a few questions every time you eat to continue engaging the mind when you eat.

5 Video Trainings

You will receive 5 short psychology-based videos that teach you this unique process so your body switches from fight-or-flight to rest-and-digest. These videos are the foundation for enjoying food guilt-free, understanding how the body responds to food differently in a relaxed environment, and how to avoid overeating.

4 On-Demand Yoga Classes

You will receive 4 yoga classes, 2 for relaxation and 2 for a more active strength-based practice. These yoga classes help to apply what you're learning in a kinesthetic way for maximum results. These classes are optional and are there to support your body and your mind as you give this gift to your body.

After The 5 Days, You Can Choose to Continue Receiving the Meals, Yoga, Training or Go Off On Your Own!

Every step of this process is to help you connect to your body and turn up your intuition. So it’s possible you will know exactly what to eat after the 5 days. And if not, we are here to continue supporting you as much or as little as you’d like.

Get Started in The 5-Day Program

The Menu

This menu is designed for a prep day to carry most of the labor for you so each day it’s easy to simply heat up and serve. You can easily omit some meals and repurpose the food you’re already cooking for less prep. The idea is for you to eat delicious, high-quality and satisfying food.
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