Invitation to The Lighten Up Program

This is an invitation to dieting survivors, intermittent fasters, and foodies who want to stop dieting, enjoy food without guilt, love their bodies, and aren’t sure how without binging and gaining weight.

You will reverse the negative effects of dieting, enjoy food and your body, and set up the body for optimal fat burning by:

  • Feeding the cephalic phase digestion response or “head phase of digestion” so that you stop hyper-focusing on food. When we quiet down this part of the brain you will find that you just feel normal around food even when you would have sworn you were addicted before. This is also when you become friends with food and are able to enjoy it guilt-free.
  • Finding your natural eating rhythm and ideal eating style that occurs naturally. This is the fun part. You tell me what your dream life looks like with food (as if you never learned a dieting rule in your life) and I show you how to make that happen in your ideal body. This also eliminates deprivation which stops binge eating and overeating. Food finally becomes fun!
  • Switching the body from dieting induced fight-or-flight to rest-and-digest where fat burning occurs naturally. Understanding how our body performs optimally is more about how you think and feel than what you eat. Setting up an ideal environment inside of the body is crucial for your long-term success.
  • Finding your ideal movement your body craves that balances the nervous system for consistent motivation. We need our movement to allow us to connect deeper to the body and get a break from living in our heads. Which means we have to enjoy it and want to be present for it. We get maximum benefits from this place.
  • Filling in the blanks of your ideal life in order to shift into your ideal body permanently. We all have an idea of what we want in our lives and those ideas are exactly what we use to map out your unique weight loss plan. We listen to your body and honor the wishes it has so it releases stubborn pounds and the need to hold on to excess weight. This is where you find yourself in a rhythm with your body where you truly appreciate it. Even before it looks the way you want it to.

You get videos, detailed assignments, mindful eating logs to use while you eat, and lifetime access to all updates I make.

In order to be the best candidate to get results, you must have an understanding of basic nutrition, willing to watch videos online and participate in group discussions via Zoom (or submit questions to be answered), and a base level of confidence or belief in yourself.

For just 12 payments of $97, you’ll get this “post-diet” program plus lifetime access to group coaching to stay in touch while you continue to implement. You’ll find this investment is a fraction of what it would cost you to keep dieting or deal with the emotional roller coaster of battling food and weight.

If interested, send me a message on Facebook over here so we can have a chat and see if this is a good fit for you! You can get started immediately if we both feel it’s the right fit.

About Michelle

My name is Michelle Hastie Thompson and I know what it feels like to struggle with weight and food…

  • I ventured on what appeared to be a healthy path with weight and food…. ended up with an eating disorder
  • I didn’t have the proper tools or role models to show me another way so I kept spiraling
  • At my absolute heaviest, I got hit by 5 cars just 2 weeks after starting my business… I couldn’t lift my own head & had no control over what people fed me.
  • And that’s when I found Food Psychology and began to heal my relationship with weight and food
  • After Food Psychology I did training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Yoga, Human Behavior, and I am finishing up my PhD in Psychology.
  • I’ve also been living in peace and freedom with food and weight since 2009

I have two main missions:

  1. To help dieting survivors find peace with food and their bodies and eliminate the need for the dieting industry.
  2. And to prevent struggles with weight and food through eating disorder prevention education for children.