Om Institute Teachers

Join Sara Ann Meditation + Community Share Thursday’s at 7:30 AM PST

Sara Ann Aerts - Here For The Yogi's Looking For More Life Fulfillment

We are always one decision away from changing our lives. Choose wisely and come ALIVE!”
Sara Ann is all too familiar with those words. For in a moment, she made one decision that did in fact change the course of her life forever. “The day I turned in my badge and watched one dream come to a close, to give life to an even bigger one was a life-altering, transformational day.”
Serving as an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation was all Sara Ann knew for most of her life. What began as a childhood fantasy, became a 14-year reality that gave her every cutting edge resource to live life at the ultimate level. Learning the inner workings of the government, complex personal human behavior patterns, courage in the face of crime, the ability to charge ahead when all others retreat, years of gaining knowledge, skills and personal accomplishments that most will never know. It is with those credentials and contrast that she chose to share LOVE and all she continues to realize about the true key to human fulfillment.
LOVE has catapulted her to new heights and she intends to spread it wildly. Her big vision is to inspire humans everywhere to stand up, raise their words and speak their truth from a deep, deep space of love. The ability to do this comes from making the decision to heal yourself first, and then stand strong. Stand proud. Stand loud. All coming from big LOVE.
Sara Ann is a powerhouse, ready to connect and grow with every soul aching to truly BE more LOVE.

Join Krystal Tues/Thurs for Vin to Yin at 9 AM PST and Breathe & Flow at 12 pm PST

Krystal Akin - Helps students with trauma, mental/emotional health

I am a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), a mental health counselor, a wife, and a mother of two little girls and a dog. I started my yoga journey in high school to support my personal mental health and strongly believe in the power of the mind-body connection. I have been working with youth and young adults as a mental health counselor in Seattle since graduating with my Masters of Education in Counseling from the University of North Texas in 2012. I completed my 200hr teacher training at Spira Power Yoga in West Seattle in 2016 and completed my trauma informed Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) training with YogaEd in June of 2020. I am currently working toward my 500hr RYT with Spira Power Yoga. Outside of teaching private & group yoga classes, I also work as a mental health counselor in private practice and specialize in working with survivors of trauma and managing emotional intensity.

Join Erica Sunday’s at 7am PST for Restorative Tension Release

Erica Hutson - Helps students who feel Lost/Stuck/Unfulfilled

Hi there! I’m Erica! I most enjoy helping people explore the mind, body, and spirit connections that influence the way we see ourselves and interact with the world. As a practiced teacher, counselor and yoga instructor, I’ve most enjoyed supporting others in connecting to a greater potential. If you are feeling as though you’re at a stand still in life or unsure what it is that feels off about the day-to-day, I’d love to work with you and discover what it is that will move you forward. My practice consists of awareness training, shadow exploration and aspects of yoga including meditation, asana movement and breath work. I love seeing how these transformational practices take root for a person and activate the creative light energy inside us all. I am so excited to get to know you and connect! Feel free to book a private session with me to learn more.

Join Erin at 4:30 PM PST on Monday for Vinyasa and Wednesday for Gentle Yoga

Erin Souik - Helps students who feel lost, stuck, and/or unfulfilled

My yoga journey began several years ago when I desired a more balanced way of life.  I grew tired of the racing through life, moving through my day and events and knowing I was missing life and meaning.  I felt unsure where my life was meant to be taking me, but started to make a commitment to shifting my perspective and journey to more mindful approaches on health and wellness.  During that time, I traveled to a few countries with the will to volunteer and  immerse myself in culture.  Upon return, something within me had shifted.  I was a practitioner of yoga at the time, but was really just dabbling in the practice.  I had no idea the intensity of the real work that I was already doing within.  Fast forward a few years and yoga became a far more integral part of my life.  A pathway to my True Self. I pursued teacher training and immediately began sharing through the gift of teaching.  Yoga has been the path and the opening to so many wonderful, spiritual experiences in my life.  I have been encouraged to grow, learn, evolve and transform my life in the most beautiful ways. Through yoga, I share with my students the power of the breath, stillness, meditation and the beauty of movement.  Connection to the Self is the way for empowerment, growth and the process of letting go.  I love to speak about energy, purpose, intention and the gi,ts we all already have within.  I look forward to sharing my love of yoga with you and continuing on this journey together. 

Join Gia-Raquel For Find Your Balance Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7 am PST

Gia-Raquel Esposito - Helps Students With Pain Management

Namaste. I completed my first Yoga training with Devalila in 2011 under Stephanie Pappas. The following year Devalila offered an inversion CE workshop which I also took part in and thoroughly enjoyed. Having then relocated from New Jersey to Philadelphia I had the pleasure of an in depth anatomy CE weekend at HotBox Yoga in Manayunk. In my early years as an instructor I worked predominantly with private clients, however, moving back to NJ I began teaching at studios in 2015 in addition to my private clients. It was last year that I became intrigued with Buti yoga, and became certified in May 2017. My respect for this innovative practice lasted and when the opportunity to double down on both my RYT and Buti certifications presented itself, I jumped at the chance. My original schooling is classified as Hatha Yoga, and while all encompassing, my personal practice favors the fluidity of Vinyasa. In January of 2018 a Vinyasa/Hot/Buti Yoga intensive 200HR Teacher training in Kona, Hawaii reset my personal and professional trajectory. My path forward: Airs Above Yoga offers clients a practice tailored to suit the needs of the Equestrian (and anyone who sits in a chair all day!)

Join Caelyn For Authentic Movement Thursday at 6am PST

Caelyn Carrier - Helps Students with Building Strength

Caelyn came to yoga four years ago as a way to manage stress and feelings of depression. In turn, yoga helped her find peace with the world. Among those things, yoga has also given Caelyn humility, strength, forgiveness, acceptance, self-worth and joy. She began her journey as a teacher because she felt passionate about sharing these discoveries with others. Caelyn received her 200 hour yoga teacher certificate in May of 2017 at Laughing River Yoga. She is also 25 hours trained in teaching Yin yoga. She is currently a part of the 500 hr program at Authentic Movements school of yoga. Here she is gaining a strong foundation in anatomy while learning new and exciting ways to practice yoga. She is grateful to offer her experience with yoga by guiding and supporting yogis through their journeys. Caelyn feels that teaching has been challenging and rewarding, but most of all it consistently holds her accountable for herself.

Join Monste For Her Class Energize Your Day Thursdays at 4am PST, Foundations of Yoga Tuesdays at 11am PST and Yin to Bliss Saturdays 8am PST

Montse Gili - Helps Students Who Feel Lost/Stuck/Unfulfilled

Montse has been working for the last 20 years, among other things, mentoring young artists in the world of theatre and performance. It was her passion for sharing and to help others realise their potential, that eventually lead her onto the path of yoga teaching. A practitioner since the late 90s, she never considered teaching, but finally took the leap and… couldn’t be happier! Montse first trained in the UK and later on added another 500hr in Rishikesh, India, with Krisha and Sangeeta Shikhwal, working with them on traditional hatha yoga, with elements of Iyengar style alignment and restorative yoga. Her classes are relaxed, friendly, with emphasis on alignment and large doses of humour. Everyone feels welcome, regardless of their level of skill or how long they had on the mat. Montse’s moto is ‘be your own template’, both in life and in yoga… Your shape is unique and so is your life, so don’t follow the ‘should be or look like this or that’; find your own path… on and off the mat. Montse will gently guide you in that exploration, as she has done with actors over the years she can help you find your own path, your own uniqueness and your own yoga practice. “She is a fantastic teacher in both the dynamic and more restorarative classes. Above all, she is a great facilitator who cares for you every step of the practice and encourages you to own your own practice and work within your availability to get into a pose, without needlessley pushing into a particular shape. I can highly recommend her classes!” – Matt Fennemore

Join Jennifer for her classes Core Mindful Flow Wednesdays at 4 AM PST and Yoga is Medicine  Sundays at 6 AM PST

Jennifer Degen - Helps Students With Exhaustion & Burn Out

I was looking for a way to recover from feelings of self-doubt after having had a traumatic brain surgery. I decided after watching the character Nick in the movie Enlighten Up, the yoga skeptic, tear up, that yoga would be worth the experiment. The next day I committed to practice 100 straight days of yoga online. The intention at the time was to transform my pain. 12 years later, here I am a dedicated student of yoga. Teaching, somatic coaching, and retreats are the center of my life. I spend my days facilitating change and transformation and feel grateful that my stress/pain/overwhelm led me here. Having always been a spiritual seeker, with multiple losses, and injuries that influence my journey, I have discovered my intuition is my best guidance. That gut feeling and heartbreak have new meaning to me now. My classes are experiences for you to garner the tools that can support you to move through life’s inevitable disruptions, traumas and personal events that leave us contracted, exhausted, fearful, uncertain or addicted. My classes help you explore the truth of what is getting in the way of you living more wholly and fully. You will discover the sweet nectar of whole life fitness; deepen both your core values, while also restoring balance and strength back into your life. If you have a desire to feel more joy, ease and freedom, while deepening your commitments to yourself, then come to my class for some inspiration. We all have an inner guide that we can tap into to reach our greatest potential if we hold the mirror up to ourselves. See you in the yoga room!