Yoga Classes

All of our yoga classes are great for beginner students or students that feel like beginners. Whether you have injuries, physical limitations, or limited yoga experience our classes will work for you! We keep our classes small and you are able to interact with your yoga teacher live. 

Yoga is Medicine

The ancient roots of yoga were originated as a whole practice that serves us to feel fully alive, well, whole and at ease. When we start our practice of yoga, wherever we are, we begin a journey of self inquiry that is designed for us to heal, evolve and generate connection to ourselves Yoga has been described as a systematic technology that improves the body, understands the mind and frees the spirit. It is truly a path that will alter your life. This practice is for anyone and everyone seeking change, transformation, to grow their well being and feeling of vital wholeness.

Core Mindful Flow

The totality of our authentic expression begins with our core. Symptoms that suggest we might need more core energy and engagement often display themselves by feelings that we are not enough, our body is lethargic, and our minds are anxious, and we lack boundaries in our day-to-day life. This depletes us of our core energy. This mindful core flow class will stoke the fire within and grow the energy upstream to the source with this slow building and energizing practice. We’ll consciously grow our breathing into the ribcage and different prone and supine exercises designed to tone all the muscles that stabilized the pelvis, spine and shoulders. Great for core integration, shoulder stability, improve coordination and build stamina.

Find Your Balance

Give yourself free rein to explore your patterns of movement and perfect your posture! Develop coordination and core strength through the linking of balance postures with warrior sequences, then wind down and detoxify with twists and folds! It will keep you guessing, but you’ll definitely feel it after… in the best way!