Invitation to Work in The Align Program

This is an invitation to yoga teachers who want to bring their expertise and unique guidance online to reach more people and make leveraged income.

You will build your aligned and connected online yoga business by:

  • Finding the gap of what you offer so that your ideal clients know exactly how you can help them and get amazing results because your offer is their exact missing piece. This is great for yoga teachers who are helping people in a big way but aren’t exactly sure how to communicate what they do and how they help people. This also eliminates any competition or comparison with free yoga or other yoga teachers online.
  • Turning your offer into a digestible course so you never have to repeat the foundational concepts of what you teach and your ideal clients feel comfortable investing at a higher level for the exact outcome that you provide.  This course will be sold alongside private and/or group to eliminate the need to charge hourly or “trade dollars for hours”. Instead, you are charging for the outcome you provide.
  • Learning 3 different strategies for attracting ideal clients consistently to your business, organic (free) and ads (paid). You can select the one that feels the most aligned with your business so you never have to spend a day marketing or selling in a way that is out of alignment. All 3 strategies are based on presenting amazing offers to your ideal client and allowing them to come to you. You will also learn how to customize the strategy to fit your life. If you don’t want to do sales calls, you don’t have to. If you don’t want to check your social media messages, you don’t have to. You will design it for your life.

You get videos, detailed assignments, templates, group coaching calls, we host your course on our platform (if you want), we promote your course to our audience, and lifetime access to all updates I make.

In order to be the best candidate to get results, you must have some level of understanding of what you’re an expert in. It doesn’t have to be super clear but some general idea will work. In other words, if you are only interested in teaching group yoga classes this is not for you. Yoga teachers that are most successful have some experience working with private clients, a basic comfort with technology, and willing to use social media in some capacity.

For 12 payments of $97, you receive the 9 module program plus lifetime access to monthly group coaching.  You’ll find this investment is a fraction of what most marketing and sales programs cost (especially when they tell you how to get the leads and help promote your course for you) and will pay for itself when you follow the steps and attract one client.

If interested, send me a message on Facebook so we can have a chat and see if this is a good fit for you! You can get started immediately if we both feel it’s the right fit.